Bologna: A Place You Must Visit For Your Vacations

It was an amazing experience on a weekend trip to Bologna. It is an ideal city of Italy and gives an authentic feel. It is also known as the gastronomical city of Italy. The two of the favorite things of mine in Bologna were gelato and cycling. I stayed at Grand Hotel Majestic which is the only 5-star hotel in Bologna located right in the heart of the city. One may even stay at the Metropolitan Hotel.

I first went to the tallest tower that is actually leaning in Italy – Asinelli tower. It has tittering stairs and one may feel like set upon an adventure while climbing them.  The stairs are made of wood and are quite narrow and have railings. Then I went to try the vinegar which is found in these parts which takes more than 6 years for preparation with most of the batches in a barrel of around 10 years. These are even 45 years old. This thick and delicious traditional balsamic can be used as dressers on the different kinds of salad. One may drizzle it over varieties of ingredients. For dinner, I had the incredible Parmesan Reggiano.

It is a progressive town and has the oldest university in the Western world. There is an Anatomical Theatre – Teatro Anatomico which was built in 1636. Here the students were taught human anatomy by autopsies. One may stroll through the porticoes. There are archways of 45 km around that allow the pedestrians to stroll under the beautiful structures.

I also visited the Piazza Maggiore which is the main plaza of Bologna. Nearby is located the Basilica of San Petronio. It was once the largest church in the world. Most restaurants and bars are opened after 6 PM. I tried Spritz Prosecco.