Canberra: Canberra Is Here To Be Your Next Vacation Spot

Canberra, the capital city of Australia, reflects the country’s history and creative culture. The best ways to explore Canberra are by bicycle and car.  I went with my family for a trip of three days in Canberra.

Places to visit

In the morning, we watched the sunrise present near the Griffin Lake and then tucked into the breakfast at the Spare Kitchen which operates full day. We visited the War Memorial of Australia as well as the National Museum that exhibits the artifacts which date to more than five centuries old. We visited the Parliament House which was a tour spanning for about 40 minutes. We even visited the home of Freakshake which is famous for Instagram and the Dessert Lab of Frugii that offered a lot of flavors.

The next day we visited Penny University that indulges in another all day breakfast including the French eggs and the Za’atar. We started at the Tocumwal Lake which is located in the center of the city and also witnessed the graffiti artist’s work. We even learned about the aboriginal history of Australia by visiting the National Gallery of Australia. We walked into the Gallery that offers tours for around 30 minutes starting 11: 30 AM. For lunch, we headed to the Fresh Food markets, which operate from Thursday until Sunday, providing the freshest foods of bakery, seafood, and vegetables. We even visited Questacon that contains more than 200 exhibits relating to science and some even to modern technology. The best part? They can be interacted with.

It is recommended to visit Canberra for at least a week, and it is straightforward to access this place since it is the capital city of the country. More than 100 countries connect to the town wither directly or through stops.