Chengdu – Enjoy The Beautifulness Of This Ancient Place

Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan province in Western China. The metropolitan city is known for its historic towns, cultural sites, monasteries, beautiful temples, and ancient ruins. The place is also ideal for those who enjoy natural sightseeing. Located in a mountain valley, the city has ample natural trails, rafts, forest reserves, and riverfront camping sites. Some of the best spots in the town are explained below.

Dujiangyan Panda Base

Visiting the Dujiangyan Panda Base was perhaps the most exciting experience I had in this city. Here you can see pandas roaming around in their natural habitat. The bamboo forest is well preserved and spans over an area of 51 hectares. The scenic beauty of the surrounding can keep you rejuvenated throughout the tour. There is an educational center that offers lots of valuable information about the conservatory. The place is a perfect holiday destination for animal lovers.


Mount Qingcheng

My journey to Mount Qingcheng has been quite enlightening. The holy site is located on the sacred mountain of Qingcheng dedicated to Taoism. The place offers beautiful trekking trails along the back mountains. The ancient shrines and temples speak about the cultural heritage of the land that relates to the origin of Taoism. Tianshi Cave, Fujian Temple, and Shizu Hall are some of the notable places to visit in this area.

Qingyang Palace

Also known as the Green Ram Temple Qingyang Palace is a quiet retreat located in Qingyang District of Chengdu. The beautiful cultural park was quite refreshing and relaxing. I had hired a tourist guide who educated me about the significance of the historical place. He explained lots of interesting facts about the Taoist temple, ancient shrines, and other historical monuments in the area. The beautiful statues and the greenery of the park can keep you relaxed for hours. The site is perfect for family tourists, including elders who seek to have a smooth outing experience.