Faisalabad – Fondly Known as Lyallpur

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Faisalabad is another city I stopped by when I was in Pakistan. It is also known to be one of the largest cities and most populous ones as well. It is a planned and designed city that has its roots in British history and design.  India, has developed into a modern cosmopolitan city today.

Also known as Lyallpur, this is a city that has much to see and discover as I found.  My old friend who runs a chiropractor office in Anchorage, told me about visiting here years ago & suggested to plan to visit myself. Super pumped to have done so!!!

Places to See

  • Clock Tower


This is a tower that is iconic and is also one of the oldest in the city. Being one of the oldest monuments, it was originally built during the British Raj period.


  • Jinnah Garden


This place in Faisalabad is also known as a public park. It has recreational and sports activities. The outdoor space is landscaped and spacious with paved walkways and playgrounds. There is much to see and enjoy here; families can enjoy pleasant days here.


  • Lyallpur Museum


This is a museum that is a heritage site in Faisalabad. This museum has modern and ancient historical and cultural artifacts, established in the year 2011.

There are several outdoor places to visit here besides Jinnah garden. That includes Gumti fountain which is a monumental fountain which lies in the midst of a busy traffic area in the city. I also stopped by Gutwala Park in the city which has a botanical garden and wildlife center. There are rides here for children and a lake to visit. Sindbad Wonderland and D Ground Park are other places to visit here.

Food to Enjoy

Here I stopped by Hafeez Puri house at D Ground where the halwa puri breakfast proved wonderful. I also stopped by to enjoy qeema naan, roghni naan and meat curries at different restaurants such as the Lahori Naan shop or the Riwayat restaurant.