Limoges: The Porcelain Capital Is Also An Amazing Destination

A city which is somewhat a synonym to the porcelain has now flourished as one of the best hard glue porcelain in the country of love France. The city museums around this place stand a testimony to the amazing porcelain productions.  Limoges is spread over an area of seventy-eight kilometer squares. The city is based in an area which about in 10 BC called the Roman city of Augustoritum and held a significant advantage of the river Vienna.

Fast forward to the present day the city hosts an array of different historic buildings and museums and the city grand art deck Gare Des Bénédictins. The few places which should be attired when touring around this little sweet place are:

  • Musée  des Beaux-Arts
  • Muséenational Adrien Dubouché
  • Cathédrale St Etienne
  • Églisr St Michel was Lions
  • Due de La voucher is
  • Porcelain Royal Limoges
  • Musée Dr. La Résistance
  • Pavilion Thverdurier

Whereas the places where you can hit up for some amazing food and drinks are:

  • La table Du Couvent
  • Philippe Redon
  • Halles Centrales
  • Escrocs
  • Le 27

Coming to a serious note which is so grave that it even hurts the heart to write down. The place which is definitely worth a visit and mention on this article, The Oradoursurglane is one of the sites which has had a brutal history down the timeline wherein the German lorries enclosed the city borders and asked the population to gather at the market square wherein the men were forced into barns before setting them on fire whereas the women along with children were burned in a church. The result- only a woman and five men survived. Hence, for this, there is an underground memorial, which has the names of all the people who died there.  After the war, this place was rebuilt.