Port Said – The Jack of All Trades

Related imageThe most commercialized city around Egypt, obviously as suggested by its make the city is responsible for its major trading port and has done a big success in that sector over the years. The financial health of this city is the strongest around Egypt. The same port in its earlier times was filled with cobbled streets and brothels. The city never seemed like it could make itself a reputation that is appreciated by many other states. You can head in the waters and explore the water life, the most favorite attractions for the tourists. You might want to visit some of these places.

Port Said Military Museum

This is one of the most patriotic museums I have visited till date. The museum was built in 1890 and showcases many different leagues about a war. It also has a statute of some very brave fighters who lost their lives to the battles. The museum hosts over a hundred different artifacts that are all related to the wars and the fighters. From their helmets and vest to their grenades and weapons, you will find so many things; it is definitely going to blow your minds. All the statues are made in black color, which they display as the color for remorse and courage.

Port Said Lighthouse

Not only is the lighthouse an impeccable piece of architecture but will give you the feeling of enchanted as well. The lighthouse seems like the towers those are in the Rapunzel stories, only the hair is not falling out for sure. The towers are very shredded but they still stand upright. The local citizens of the city believe it to be highly spooky and have like so many different scary stories to tell. You can sign up for the night tours here and have fun by the beach it is on.