Puerto Iguazu – The Coastal City

Image result for Puerto Iguazu cityThis city shares the border of Argentina and Brazil together and therefore sometimes is involved in the cities of Brazil too, but no matter why that happens Iguazu is one of the favorite cities of tourists for traveling especially around tropical weathers. The city houses various waterfalls, which is the foremost reason why this is the best tourists holiday destination. Apart from the waterfalls city has, there is not much the city has to offer. There are also several parks you can visit in the city, apart from that pleasant walking through the city will make up your time. You must see some of these places.

Iguazu Falls

The falls are the best part of the city; they fall from the height of about 112 meters and are so magnificent that you just can’t take your eyes away from. The trails are made through dense forests for you to reach the falls and I must say from the route to the destination everything about this is exceptionally beautiful. You can also pay the riders there for the speed boat rides, that way you will be taken to the falls from the waterways and that too is an adrenaline rushing adventure. While you will be riding the speed boat you will pass the foot of the waterfall and get wet. That is absolutely amazing.

Sendero Macuco

Sendero Macuco is one of the best forests trails I have ever taken and it is very heartbeat rushing experience. All this city has to offers are the natural attractions, away from the crowds into the pleasant Mother Nature. The trail in itself is about 6 kilometers long and the hiking is done through pretty dense and thick forests make sure you carry snacks and some portable lights. They are must be required.