Quebec City: The Town Of Canada Is Like No Other

It is a short admirer. You can visit the place one day. But at least wander there a weekend if you are to visit that city.

Places to visit

The places we visited are Old Town which extends between the old upper down above the St. Lawrence River and the lower town where the first French Foothold was established in 1608. From the boundary walls, places like St-Jean Baptiste, Colline Parlementaire, Mont-calm are easily visible. The nightlife is awesome with lightings like day which looks very amazing and beautiful. The city is also known for wonderful restaurants and shopping in the night.  The British defeated the French in the Plains of Abraham which has now been recreated in a national park.

The Plains of Abraham is a gorgeous place for family picnics and things like that. You can visit there in any season. In summer, the musicians and bands take to the streets for singing melodious songs.  Summers here often feel like his in Florida and we had a great time.  The summer is known for as their festive season. The sky is full of fire crackers which are worth looking. The winter months of January and February are entertained by the winter carnival happening there. It is the biggest and most glorious around the city. In the season of spring, you find the leaves falling from the trees with gentle breezes blowing all around. It really served us a romantic evening which you must visit with your partner. The fewer crowds in this season help you to spend quality time with your partner. Also, one of the most important things is that the Quebec City is not so expensive to afford and easily fits in your budget.  

It is recommended to visit Quebec City for at least a week if you want to explore it thoroughly. Do come to a group for more fun!