What has Cotacachi in Store for its Tourists?

Related imageA visit to the Cotacachi town should not be missed when you are visiting Ecuador. This is a very popular city as it has got a wide variety of landscapes, great culture and tradition, protected natural reserves, and churches. So, you get the best of everything when you visit Cotacachi.  

Attractions You should Never Miss 


  • Parque La Matriz


Just follow the big statue of Jesus that is seen on top of a cathedral and you will easily reach the Parque la Matriz. It is the main plaza of this city that houses some monuments and a glass plaque that shows that this city is part of the UNESCO world heritage site. 


  • Casa De Las Culturas


This is another popular and historical site in Cotacachi. The restored building looks well done up with very high ceilings. It has many centers like arts area, educational center, and an artwork gallery. The gallery is where the popular paintings of Guayasamin are kept. After touring the house of culture, you can rest for a while and enjoy good coffee and snacks from the Cafeteria Toisan.  


  • Laguna Cuicocha


Those who love adventure, trailing and walking should explore this beautiful lake that was once a volcano. This is also an island in the middle of the lake and travelers can hire boats to get to the beautiful island. This place is located west of River Chota.


  • Nangulvi Hot Springs


If you are looking for clean and wonderfully maintained hot springs which are maintained with varying temperatures, then you need to visit Nangulvi Hot Springs. I found various signs in this place that mentioned about the water composition and the kind of minerals in it.


  • Iglesia Matriz


This is a very attractive looking cathedral both from the outside and the inside. It houses a huge statue of Jesus on top and this is visible from anywhere in Cotacachi. The twin domes are attractive with its brown color and finish. The inside of the church is very calm and aesthetically beautiful.